Enhancing Customer Retention

Customer retention is really dependent on creating great customer relationships and having a sincere desire to provide a superior service experience to all customers. We must serve our customers and our dealership in the best interest of both.

This is something that comes from within, that each person must reach down deep inside to find and bring out for all customers.

You need to have the attitude and willingness to serve and make a difference.

This must be top of mind in every thought & every minute, with every customer.

“How can I serve my customers and dealership better?”

This thought process and attitude can be easily portrayed by the actions you take, but it is NOT just your actions alone that make a real difference.

To the customer, sometimes the simple actions you take, or don’t take, tell the story of what our attitude is on any given day.

Genuinely caring about customers is the difference!

The following are ACTIONS that DISPLAY a willing attitude to serve while taking into consideration the primary business objectives of the Service department is to make a profit.

Again, these are just ACTIONS if you are not genuine

To succeed you must believe and feel you sincerely care and that you are ready and willing to help all your customers.

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