How To Launch PSAA’s Complete Service Advisor Training Program

PSAA’s Service Advisor Training Program is easy to use, learn and apply.  The three courses cover key areas that Service Advisors deal with every day and can be completed in 3 weeks.

When used as recommended, your Return On Investment will be multiplied many times over. First, print color copies of the Service Advisor’s Pledge, buy several picture frames for the pledge and put on each Service Advisor’s desk so customers can see it. Customers will read it.

The Prioritized Estimating Worksheet is vital to your success.  When you open the file, click “Enable Editing” to enter your dealership information at the top of the sheet, to add Service Advisor’s name and whatever customer information you require. Excel formulas have been entered into the necessary cells so all the calculations are completed.  The “Other” column is to be used to enter your Shop Supplies dollar amount and the “Tax” column is used to enter the required sales tax amount for Parts Cost (no sales tax is added to the Labor Costs).

NOTE:  A “Backup Copy” of the worksheet is also included (if a cell with a formula is mistakenly deleted, the formula will also be deleted and the worksheet will not calculate the affected cells).  If the “Original Copy” no longer works, delete it and rename the “Backup Copy” as “Original Copy” and keep the “Backup Copy” on file to be used in the future if needed again.

To launch our training program, the Service Manager (or Director) should become familiar with each course (listening to the audio is the best way).  Forward the enrollment email that was sent after purchase to each Service Advisor to review and follow the steps listed below;

  • Introduce your Service Advisors to the three-course training program on Monday, prior to the week you plan to start using the training.  Tell them this training is required, they will complete one course per week and you will monitor their participation.
  • Instruct them to listen to (or read) the first course – “Conditioned Based Selling & Prioritized Estimating Worksheet” and be prepared to use the techniques, strategies and worksheet starting Monday of the next week.  Let them know this course is very important and is designed to make them more money by showing them how to sell more customer pay services and repairs.  Make sure they have set up the Prioritized Estimating Worksheet with your dealership information and have it available on their computer Desktop (both Original and Backup files) for easy access and make sure it’s attached to all repair orders that include a retail service or repair.  Attach to every retail R.O.  Ask them to let you know if they have any questions, comments or need clarification related to the techniques and strategies discussed in the first course.  


  • Week One – schedule a 15-minute “Launch Meeting” on Monday morning prior to the start of the workday to answer any questions.  Point out the importance of structuring the customer sales presentation while using the Prioritized Estimating Worksheet form and the “Related To” technique and “Sell As A Package” strategy.  You will need to randomly analyze repair orders for each Service Advisor with the attached Prioritized Estimating Worksheet to ensure it is being used as directed until they get used to using it.  On Wednesday of Week One, have them to start the 2and course “Building Customer Relationship Skills” and be ready to apply those skills the next week.
  • Week Two – schedule a 15-minute meeting Monday morning prior to the start of the workday to answer any questions and to highlight the skills you feel are most important in developing Customer Relationships.  Skills like getting to know your customers better by making sure you have their current contact information, checking for recalls or vehicle notifications, what sports and sports team they like, compliment them on how well they have taken care of their car and, most importantly, that you can service all their vehicle needs and all makes or models their family drives.  Tell them your job is to make sure they know what their vehicle needs so they can leave in a car that is safe to drive and is reliable.  On Wednesday of Week Two, have them to start the 3rd course “Basic Skills Training” and be ready to apply those skills the next week.
  • Week Three – schedule a 15-minute meeting Monday morning prior to the start of the workday to answer any questions and to highlight the skills you feel are most important related to the Basic Skills Training.  Point out how important your image and attitude is when dealing with customers and how to manage their expectations.  Why it’s so important it is to ask the Proper Probing Questions to help the technicians to have the best opportunity to properly diagnose the vehicle to repair it right the first time.  Discuss understanding how to overcome objections to sell more customer pay services, repairs, how to deliver the vehicle and when to follow up with the customer.

When PSAA’s Complete Service Advisor Training Program is launched and all these steps are performed in order, your Service Advisors will be able to better serve your customers, build positive customer relationships, increase your customer pay revenues and improve customer satisfaction levels.  And we know that satisfied customers lead to higher levels of customer retention and of course, more referrals for your service department.


This training program will work, if you work the program!



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