Course Details

“choose the right training for your Service Advisors – now, today”

PSAA’s courses were developed by a professional team of Service consultants with over 100 years of combined “service-lane” retail sales training experience and include…


Conditioned Based Selling & Prioritized Estimating Worksheet

  • use our Prioritized Estimating Worksheet process to sell more retail
  • learn how to better manage customer expectations at write-up
  • verifying contact info & setting call back time to review vehicle status
  • communicating vehicle inspection results to sell more needed services
  • recommending additional future services and/or vehicle repairs
  • explaining and applying for credit card financing options for customers

Building Better Customer Relationships

  • learn how to serve your customers better, and better, and better
  • positive attitude = positive results
  • attention to detail = more retail sales
  • showing you care = customer retention
  • satisfied customers = more repeat business
  • waiters need you to show & tell’em, then you can sell’em
  • follow-up call after service visit to confirm customer satisfaction

Improve Service Advisor Success

  • how to prepare your image & attitude for every day success
  • understanding customer needs, concerns and how to win them over
  • learn how to ask the right probing questions for accurate write-up
  • why reviewing recalls & required maintenance creates trust and loyalty
  • communicating vehicle status & updating customers
  • how to overcome objectives & prioritizing needed services
  • effective vehicle delivery & customer follow-up
  • educating customers on possible Customer Satisfaction Surveys

“just ONE extra retail sale can pay the cost to train your entire Service Advisor Team”


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